Kate juggles life as a mother while helping women reach fitness goals

Who Is Coach Kate?

Personal Trainer and Online Fitness Coach

Coach Kate has worked as a personal trainer and online fitness coach for over five years, but as one might expect, her personal fitness journey began much earlier. As the youngest sister of four very athletic brothers, she can’t remember a time in her life when sports were not a part of it. Although she could never catch a ball to save her life, she excelled in dance and gymnastics as a child. As she grew older, she began to take an interest in weight training and gradually, Kate’s love of fitness turned into a passion for competing in the NPC Figure Division. She stepped on stage for the first time when her oldest child was merely two years old. The experience of prepping for a show and competing gave her a deep sense of power and self-satisfaction which she feels made her a happier woman and a healthier mom. In the following years, she had two more children and each time made it her personal goal to compete within two years of giving birth. As a mother of three very young children she had many successes in her competitive career, including an Overall win at the Natural Northern Championships. She competed at the prestigious international Arnold Amatuer and various other national level competitions.

It wasn’t long before her determination to meet, and exceed, her own expectations caught the attention of her coach and IFBB Fitness Pro, Summer Montabone. Under the mentorship of Summer, Kate became Red Cross/Red Shield certified; obtained a certification from the American College of Sports Medicine in personal training; acquired a certification in sports nutrition from Precision Nutrition; and studied under the Mastermind Fitness Professionals Group where she had the privilege of traveling to LA, Miami, New York and San Diego to attend hands-on training and lectures. She immediately put her education to work, successfully transforming the bodies of busy women across the country and globe!

Kate passionately teaches women to apply proper nutrition and exercise to achieve their fitness goals. Over the years, she has been inspired by watching her clients break through the mental barriers that have kept them from achieving in the past. When those boundaries are broken, ANYTHING is possible! She is driven to help more women realize the power they hold within themselves, challenging the reasons many women, especially mothers, neglect to make nutrition and fitness a priority. Perhaps it feels selfish to take focus away from the kids, or family, or work. However, Kate has experienced first hand that self-care means a healthy sense of self-worth, which is vital to happiness.

Currently, Kate is juggling life as a single mother of two sons, ages 10 and 7, and a 5 year- old daughter. Baseball tournaments and dance recitals keep her hopping, but she practices what she preaches. Her daily gym time is her “me time”. All the tools that you will learn in the Best You with Kate Challenges and Community are those she puts into practice in her own life and the lives of her kids. Although, even Kate has to struggle with her chocolate-addicted 5 year old and the treats she secretly stashes around the house! Kate LOVES skiing and any other activities that take her outside into the open air. When she has down time, she enjoys snuggling up with a good book rather than watching TV. And to the amusement of her baseball playing sons, she still can’t catch.

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