How Kate Got Started as an Online Fitness Coach

How Coach Kate Got Started

Online Fitness Coach

I worked under the mentor of Summer Montabone with Team VIP for 4 years as an online fitness coach and have had 100's of customers find their personal best under my guidance. From the stage, to weight gain / weight loss, accountability, finding confidence or simply letting the journey of knowledge about your body and strengths develop into a transformation (mentally and physically) you never knew was inside you.

I took a leap less than a year ago with a lot of knowledge but not necessarily with a clear direction of how I wanted to use it.. I love to coach, I love to watch transformations and I love to be along side a customer, working TOGETHER to find your inner fire.

Change is good. Change is scary. && here I am, starting brand new from scratch, to build a team of women. A team of women that can come together to lift each other up instead of tear each other down. For months I was trying to figure out the best way to start this vision… I worked under an amazing women whom has made and continues to make such an impact on women and families across the world. Under the mentorship of Summer for 4 years; my education, my knowledge, experience and success stories have given me the confidence to trust my inner voice, my inner fire and start brand new.

I want you to be apart of my change so I can be apart of your change.

My approach to how I am going to achieve MY personal best... is to be all in.. WITH YOU. My mission is to have a PERSONAL connection with every single one of our customers, to have a PERSONAL influence, and to provide a PERSONAL, OPEN and RAW relationship with every single customer. Quality over quantity.

So I ask you.. what is your idea of a coach? Because that is what I can be FOR YOU, personally.

What part of your life are you struggling with OR learning that you're really good at and want to get better..?

Nutrition, workouts, accountability, finding time for yourself, etc.

I would love to hear back from you and learn about what you are looking for personally.

As we begin our conversation, and get to know one another, we can both determine together if WE would be a good fit.

From there... we get to WORK! ;-)

Have a positive and productive day!!

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